BSoA Cycle Race

I have found another interesting photo, circa BSoA 49/53, which you may like to put on our web.

It was taken in 53. The students were segregated into those going on to The Royal College of Art (A) and those of us who couldn’t afford it. (B) The “B” group challenged the “A” group to a cycle race, a “Poll Hill 25” very early one morning before school started, and the “B” group won, they were just more organised, Pamela Robbins even sewed the “Bs” onto the front of some of the jerseys, and was the timekeeper, holding her alarm clock.

Names from left to right. Barry Curtis, John McConnell, John Hollingsworth, Pamela Robbins, Dave Pitt, Brian Bell, and Jasper Diamond. (Pamela married John McConnell.)

A bit of fun, and something wonderful to remember.

Peter Stuart BSoA 1949-53

It was great to see Peter Stuart and Jasper Diamond on Plaque Day