Painting Identity

Our website was recently contacted concerning the confirmation of a painting attributed to Thomas Freeth. The enquirer asked if this artist was the same Thomas Freeth who taught at the Beckenham School of Art. The painting is entitled ‘Serventus disputes with his fellow physicians’, but was not dated. If anyone can confirm that this was the work of Tom please contact me and I forward this information to the enquirer.

Janet, Tom Freeth’s daughter has solved the mystery as follows:

Tom Freeth (my father) did indeed do this illustration. For a number of years he was commissioned to do the art work for the ICI annual calendar, there would be 2 months beneath each picture, so 6 pictures per year. The subject matter in this case was on the theme of the history of Chemistry, in line with the nature of the company.

Tom taught at Beckenham as head of painting, but was always on a part time contract. He continued to do his own work, but as money was always a bit short, he took on a few commercial jobs. I don’t think he would choose to have this work given wider exposure. However, I do remember when the annual task came up, he would do quite detailed research to make sure the illustrations were factually authentic

I have found among his various sketch books and prints, a further 10 proofs for the calendar, one is dated 1956.