News from Bill Hughes BSoA 1949-52

Sunday 4th January 2015

I recently found this site and it brought back a lot of memories, mostly good. I remember a lot of the names from my time but I can’t put many faces to them. It was disconcerting to see an image of my first real girlfriend looking out at me. I kept in touch for some time with Tony Stevens when we would go and watch Crystal Palace but lost touch when I met the girl who was to become my wife. Other communicants have mentioned how their careers turned out and how they utilised what they had learnt at BSoA. Well I carried on with ‘commercial art’ as it was known in those days for 5 or 6 years before finding a talent for designing in 3D & turned to exhibitions, fixed and mobile.

Cinderella 1949, L to R Pat Thompson, Bill Hughes, Biddy Hayward, Kass, (?) Monk & Derek Rudland.

The year was 1949. The full cast for ‘Cinderella’ was Biddy Hayward (3rd from right back line), Bill Hughes (far R with FREE LOVER placard), ?.Monk (2nd R back line with placard reading FREE CULTURE), Derek Rudland (4th R in back line with placard reading HOT GOSPELLER), Trevor Lakin-Hall (centre back). Other names I can’t identify: Jeanette d’Arcy, Evelyn Ballantine, Brian Bell, Josy Critcher, Joss Horsburgh, Brian Keogh, Angela Lennon, Sylvia Lowcock, Albert Bayman, Sally Rossington, Sally Sargent, Eddie Smith, Teddy Southcott & Adele Wolfe. (I wrote the names on the back of my photgraph) The producer was Kass with costumes by Pat Thompson.

1951 The Miller & his Men
The man 3rd L is Anthony Bird.
The cast from L to R John Miles, Anthony Bird, Peter Stuart, Anne Carter, Trevor Lakin-Hall, Anita Germany, Theo Papas, Bill Hughes, John McConnell, David Pitt/Bell ?, John Rickman, Barry Curtis ? Jasper Dimond. (Again I wrote their names on the back)