Happy Birthday!

Our BSoA website is now one year old. The Google Analytics stats and map below shows that it has had 637 visitors at an average of about 12 per week from all over the world, and 4,055 pages have been read.

Readers have been prompted to supply many wonderful photographs, stories, and links as well as archive materials.

Another 50 photographs are waiting to be posted on its Gallery, 4 more reminiscences will be included in the Stories section and over 600 pieces of our fellow student’s work have been donated. The latter will be cataloged and deposited at the BSoA Archives situated at the Bromley Central Library’s Local Studies & Archives Dept.

A Register listing former teachers and students as well as a Where are you now? section will be soon added to our website.

Ideas are being received for our intended 2008 Centenary and include the installation of a commemorative plaque at the former site of the BSoA, the publication of a tribute to Kass Cohen and a jamboree of some sorts.

There is more room for your contributions of photographs, art work or stories for this BSoA website , so please do not hesitate to contact me.

As curator of this website, I thank you for reading these pages, and please return. On behalf of all of the BSoA alumni I also wish to thank all of those who have contributed to maintaining the memory and status of a unique haven that played such a big part in our formative years, and of which we have clearly not recovered from, nor intend to do so.

December 2006