David Spiller BSoA 1959-62 at Beaux Arts.

We are pleased to announce that Dave Spiller has a one-man show at Beaux Arts, Cork Street, London from 09 September – 03 October 2009.

Dave was a student at the BSoA between 1958-62 and studied with Tom Freeth. Following the BSoA, he studied at the Slade School of Art before venturing onto what has become a very successful career as a professional artist. He has exhibited in many galleries throughout Europe and the USA and David Spiller: A Book of Photographs by Moira Cameron and Xavier Spiller-Cameron has just been published by Linda & Guy Pieters.

Dave has come a long way from the BSoA where his work showed much admiration for Vincent van Gogh and Frank Auerbach. His passion for the cartoon characters of his childhood still linger and feature in some of his latest works now at Beaux Arts. Others display his fascination for the lyrics of popular song. These are portrayed on the canvases in very bold and well executed typographical forms that in my mind harp back to the Constructivists and the Bauhaus who saw the singular beauty of the letter form as worthy of aesthetic display in itself.

Bold and powerful colours dominate these works provoking a billboard and signage look about them. In contrast, and sharing the same canvas, much of the space left between these letter forms and cartoon characters is occupied with emotional statements written in an almost out of control handwriting that one would find scrawled on walls. As you will see from the samples below, Dave’s work is vibrant, full of energy and often humourous.

Spiller on Spiller “I was born in the town of Swanley in the county of Kent in the month of August. My story is, my story… as a gang of boys laying on top of a haystack looking for a glimpse of a flying saucer…at the cinema with the Marx Brothers, Bugs Bunny, Roy Rogers, Superman and Flash Gordon…laying in a cornfield listening to a skylark…family walks after Sunday lunch…going to school with a hole in the arse of my trouser…trying to keep up with my mum who walked so fast… the green fields, the woods, the ploughed fields…the Flying Scotsman racing by…my story is; your story…a story of love: love found, love lost, love dreamed of, love hoped for, love shared, love the impossible and a longing to be a hero.

The magic of images and the making of art fill me with the same hope today as they did all those years ago when I was a boy…”

Congratulations Dave, your former fellow BSoA students are proud of your success.

September 2009