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Well I’ve been waiting for 18 months for someone step forward and tell us where they are now. Nostalgia is great, but none of us look like that anymore. Where have we all been for 40 plus years.

Hi Nina, Dave, Juanita, Slim and all you other guys I didn’t know so well.

So here is my potted history: I finished at Ravensbourne in ’63, and spent all summer hawking round London, but couldn’t get a job. I moved to Sussex and worked for my dad for a bit.

Then in ’67 I started Mitchell’s Printing in Croydon. I ran and grew this around Croydon and West Wickam for 22 years. It’s still going in Dartford somewhere. Around the same time I got married to Liz and had two daughters.

In ’88 I saw a MAC on a Letraset stand at a print show. In ’89 I sold the printing company and bought a MAC. and started working freelance. In ’94 we took the opportunity to unplug and come to Vancouver, Canada. I’m still working, Nothing special just run of the mill commercial work and I love it. I guess as long as there are enough punters out there who reckon it’s worth paying me I’ll keep on going.

So come on all you guys, don’t be shy, strut your egos and lets bring it all up to date. I can’t get to the bun fight (sorry plaque unveiling) so I’m relying on the mighty web to fill in the gaps and have a few smiles.

Please contact Mac for Peter’s address.

Peter Mitchell 2008