BSoA Traveling Art Display

From 03 December to the end of 2008 there will be a display of BSoA art at the Beckenham Library situated next to the Beckenham Library Green where our centenary plaque has been installed. The display proudly represents the range of styles we pursued and the different media we worked in. Emphasis is placed on our curriculum, it being a successful mix of Modernism, the Bauhaus and the classical that enabled us to produce works of art, craft and design that were figurative, abstract and innovative. Examples therefore show that we were taught to draw, master perspective, undertook exercises in colour theory, type setting, calligraphy, as well as studied anatomy and the history of art, furniture, costume and architecture. This exhibition was prompted by the success of a similar display at Christ’s Church in Beckenham in November when a concert was held to celebrate famous people and places in Beckenham. One page of the latter’s programme was devoted to the BSoA. Both displays comprised of about thirty pieces of work from 1942 until 1962, and being reproductions they can be borrowed and exhibited on request.

This modest display is drawn from a collection of over 600 pieces of original art, photographs and memorabilia dating back to 1912, that when catalogued will be installed at Bromley Central Library’s Local Studies Dept.

Beckenham Library December 2008

Christ’s Church Display November 2008

Mollie Russell-Smith, who was a student at the BSoA between 1937-41 and has exhibited her paintings at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions no less than four times attended the Christ’s Church concert. Here she is surveying her art that was proudly displayed on a separate panel. With her is Garnet Frost, Mollie’s son who read ‘Cleared Site’ Mollie’s poem dedicated to the BSoA. We are most grateful to Cliff Watkins who not only collected and arranged Mollie’s art work, but also directed the concert and negotiated with the church to have our BSoA art displayed.

p<>. Mollie’s display includes a portrait of her by Henry Carr who was Principal at the BSoA before becoming an official war artist during WWII.