Forthcoming exhibition Bruce Pennnington BSoA 1960-62

It is always a pleasure to announce an exhibition of one of our BSoA alumni, particularly one that celebrates the work of Bruce Pennington who was an outstanding student at the BSoA between 1960-62.

The Atlantis Bookshop
49a Museum Street
London WC1A 1LY
Tel 0207 405 2120

29 July until 27 August 2011
10.30 – 18.00
Monday – Saturday

Bruce’s extraordinary visions shaped a genre and have haunted minds for decades. He gave the world the images and inter-galactic citadels, exotic landscapes and eerily human aliens as described in science fiction and fantasy books of the 1970’s. He is the lost artist of his generation and this is his eagerly awaited first exhibition.

An online catalogue will be available from 1st July 2011. Framed original paintings, signed limited edition Giclee art prints and fine quality digital prints will also be available.

To see more work by Bruce, click on linktext

The following photos were taken at Bruce’s Private Show held at The Atlantis Bookshop:

Bruce in conversation with the Sci fi author Brian Aldiss who’s work Bruce has illustrated.

Bruce did beautiful work on some of my paperbacks. I’d say as a nice body of work as I’ve ever had on umpteen books since.” Brian Aldiss