The data displayed on the BSoA Google Analytics facility proves that this website has attracted much interest, none more so than a proposal to establish a BSoA Archives. Granted that our Gallery will continue to exhibit your contributions of yesteryear, but just recently an impressive collection of student’s art has been located which along with the previously unearthed materials dating back to 1916, needs to be gathered together, cataloged and deposited somewhere for future research. Negotiations have been completed with the Local Studies and Archives Dept. of the Bromley Central Library to lodge these materials on their premises as the official Archives of the BSoA.

So far over four hundred pieces of BSoA student’s art work have been collected including life drawings, prospectuses, examples of illustration, perspective, calligraphy, architectural drawings, sketch books, official letters of correspondence and historical chronologies of the development of our school.

Over the course of the next few years these items will be catalogued and included in the Library’s computer and be made available to the public. A few examples of this work will be reproduced and included in the Gallery of this website.

If you would like to donate to this Archive, please contact me.

It is pertinent to add that with respect to what is being taught in the name of art, craft and design in art schools today, such a collection will one day prove quite fascinating, if not already.