Appeal for more student's work.

You may have noticed that with the exception of examples of student’s furniture, there is an absence in our Art Gallery of 3D work undertaken at the BSoA. Painting and graphic design are also underrepresented. If you were a student at the BSoA and still have any ‘masterpieces’ in these media, they would be most welcomed. A contact email address is at the foot of this page. Further, our website has room for more stories and photographs.

If you have original art work from your time at the BSoA, this could be donated to our official BSoA Archives situated at Bromley Central Library. Presently, over 200 pieces have been donated by former BSoA students. The work is being catalogued for inclusion on their computer catalogue and hence will be accessible on the internet. References to this will be included on this website. The pieces will be stored in their Local Studies Department and will be available for the public to see on request. Occasionally, some of the material will be exhibited elsewhere and appear at lectures on the history of the BSoA.