Book illustrations by Adrian Buckley BSoA 1960-62

It is always a pleasure to display on our BSoA Website the continuing work of our alumni.

An Igloo on the Moon – Exploring Architecture
Illustrated by Adrian Buckley and written by David Jenkins
56 colour illustrations

A new title from Circa Press aimed at young and enquiring minds exploring how and why we build.

The book begins with the igloo, whose origins are lost in time, and culminates with the latest 3D-printing technology for building dwellings on the Moon.

The book measures 25.5 X 25.5 cm.

Domed Cities New York USA

Empire State Building New York USA 1929-31

Floating Cities World Oceans 2008

Great Pyramids Giza Egypt cir 2560 BC

Metro Stations Stockholm Sweden

Shoji screens Japan cir 16th -19th Century