A Radio Tribute to Kass

Trevor Preston BSoA 1954-1960 has just broadcast on BBC Radio 4 a play about his encounter with Kass. Entitled ‘Small Acts of Kindness’, it is a semi-autobiogaphical story of how Kass became not only Trevor’s most influential teacher but his mentor while he was a student at the BSoA. Those of you who knew Kass will undoubtably identify not only with the play’s portrayal of the pedagogical care he gave us on our precarious journeys becoming artists, but also his pastoral care as we attempted to survive adolescence. The play is a passionate and touching tribute to a brilliant teacher-practitioner. It also rightly touches upon the sensitive issue of Kass’s property following his death. The actor playing Kass has captured Kass’s speech mannerisms most movingly.

The broadcast can be heard on BBC’s iPlayer BBC Radio 4, 15 March until Tuesday 22 March 2011. However, if you miss it, it is bound to be repeated in the near future.

Thank you Trevor, and congratulations on writing a well deserved tribute as a fine work of art in the medium of radio.