As with the remainder of this website, our Gallery will be ‘a work in progress’ and hopefully will always be so as more contributions arrive. The Gallery is in two parts, one being devoted to photographs of former students and teachers and another for displaying other materials such as artwork, our one-off school magazine, posters, prospectuses and press cuttings etc. To date over 300 pieces dating back to 1912 have been donated to our website, much of which will be photographed and included in these pages.

All of the items will be arranged in chronological order. As many names, dates and titles as the donators can remember have been shown and indicated L-R, however the question mark ‘?’ indicates unknown, in expectation that someone will be prompted to provide this information.

There will always be room for more pictures in our Gallery so please raid your photo albums, attics and old biscuit tins where images of our BSoA past have lain for years and give them pride and place here for yourself and your colleagues of yesteryear to enjoy. Further, pictures of your masterpieces of then and now could also be included.

You are invited to journey down memory lane, laugh, sigh or curl with embarrassment at what you encounter.

Art Gallery

Photo Gallery